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There is so much information on the internet about buying a home you could go nuts researching it all. So we bring you the AZ Lending Experts Blog where we'll provide news and informations about mortgages, lending, and other home buying information. We'll consolidate it down into small but usefull articles so you can get the facts you need from one simple, reliable source.

The Importance of FICO Scores in Securing a Mortgage

Posted: 08/30/2020
Author: April Nye
Arizona mortgage rates are impacted by a number of factors, and among the most important is your credit score.

The Cost Of Waiting To Buy A Home

Posted: 08/10/2020
Author: Richard Simon
When it comes to mortgage rates, Arizona and the rest of the country have been experiencing rates that are historically low

How-To: Pick A Mortgage Lender

Posted: 07/01/2020
Author: April Nye
You're ready to buy a house, maybe you have even found your dream home, but now you need a mortgage. Where do you start?

AZ Lending Experts Delivers Nearly $900 in Meals During COVID-19 Outbreak

Posted: 06/01/2020
Author: Scott Roberts
The coronavirus pandemic has been one of the worst public health emergencies in our history, and everyone has been impacted by COVID-19 in one way or another.

Why Go With A Mortgage Broker

Posted: 04/30/2020
Author: Richard Simon
Mortgage brokers in Arizona may seem like they are a dime a dozen. Some are based locally in communities like Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Ahwatukee, and...

How Are Mortgage Rates Determined

Posted: 04/03/2020
Author: April Nye
For consumers in our society, credit is often needed to make necessary purchases. There is a strong argument that our society is too dependent on credit, and most...

How Does Refinancing Work?

Posted: 03/25/2020
Author: Richard Simon
Refinancing a mortgage is the process of getting a new mortgage to replace an existing one. Homeowners often refinance a mortgage in order to...

Everything You Need to Know About an FHA 203k Rehab Loan.

Posted: 02/26/2020
Author: Scott Roberts
FHA 203k rehab loans are a popular vehicle for financing the purchase and renovation of a "fixer upper" home that the borrower plans to live in. You can use an FHA rehab loan to ...

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of an FHA Loan

Posted: 01/25/2020
Author: April Nye
If you are looking to buy a home in Phoenix, FHA loans are an option that is worth considering. FHA financing is fairly popular these days, because they have...

No or Low Money Down Mortgage Options for Buyers in 2020

Posted: 01/05/2020
Author: Richard Simon
If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to buy a new house in 2020, there are countless ways to accomplish this goal.

What is Title Insurance and Why Do I Need It?

Posted: 12/20/2019
Author: Scott Roberts
When you purchase a new home, you do not want issues coming up later, such as challenges from others who claim to own the property, and this is what title insurance is for.

Phoenix Real Estate Market Outlook for 2020

Posted: 12/11/2019
Author: Richard Simon
Numerous financial experts have been predicting a recession in the not-too-distant future. This is not really a difficult prediction as the economy runs in cycles.

How to Negotiate a Better Mortgage

Posted: 11/20/2019
Author: Scott Roberts
Buying a home is one of the largest investments most people will ever make, and for the vast majority of homebuyers, taking out a mortgage will be a necessity.

3 Ways to Build Equity in Your Home

Posted: 11/05/2019
Author: April Nye
By having a home that you can call your own, you are able to provide shelter and stability for your family. And as long as you keep up the payments on it, no landlord can ever make you leave.

When is the Right Time for a Mortgage Rate Lock

Posted: 10/22/2019
Author: Scott Roberts
Mortgage rates fluctuate from week to week, day to day, even hour to hour. Most of the time, these fluctuations are small, but sometimes, there are significant changes (to the rate) even in the same day.

Mortgage Insurance Options when Putting Less than 20% Down

Posted: 10/05/2019
Author: Ricahrd Simon
When financing the purchase of a home, it is ideal for buyers to come up with at least a 20% down payment.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Rental Properties?

Posted: 09/25/2019
Author: Richard Simon
Interest rates have been low for several years now, and this has helped the housing market recover from the Great Recession of the late 2000s. Today, property values in most places have caught up and exceeded pre-recession levels.

How Does my Credit Score Affect my Mortgage Rate?

Posted: 09/05/2019
Author: April Nye
When you apply for a home mortgage, one of the major factors that will help determine the interest rate you will pay is your credit score.

When is it a Good Idea to Refinance My Mortgage?

Posted: 07/25/2019
Author: Scott Roberts
Refinancing a mortgage means taking out a new mortgage to pay off the old one. There are many reasons why a homeowner may want to do this. The most common is to...

Does Paying a Mortgage Off Early Make Sense?

Posted: 07/10/2019
Author: Richard Simon
Many homeowners have the worthy goal of paying off their mortgage early and owning their home free and clear.

What Steps Can I Take To Raise My Credit Score

Posted: 06/25/2019
Author: Richard Simon
Your credit score is one of the major factors that lenders look at during the approval process. Learn how you can raise it.

Down Payment Options for your First Home

Posted: 06/02/2019
Author: April Nye
Do you know all the options available for a home downpayment? There are many to choose from.

The Advantages Of A VA Loan

Posted: 05/22/2019
Author: Scott Roberts
There are numerous loan programs available today to help those who want to become homeowners purchase a home. The VA loan is just one of them with many advantages.

Can I Get a Mortgage if I Had Financial Hardship?

Posted: 05/10/2019
Author: Richard Simon
In recent years, many people have fallen on hard times financially. If this is you... there is some good news.

How Does Refinancing Work

Posted: 04/22/2019
Author: Richard Simon
Refinancing a home mortgage is essentially trading your current home loan for a brand new one, and hopefully one that has more advantageous terms and conditions.

Private Mortgage Insurance: What Is It And Why Do I Need It

Posted: 04/03/2019
Author: Scott Roberts
If you are looking to buy a home, there is a good chance that you will need to purchase private mortgage insurance (PMI).

How to get Pre-Qualified for a Home Mortgage

Posted: 03/19/2019
Author: April Nye
In a competitive real estate market, one of the best things you can do to position yourself to buy the home of your dreams is to get pre-qualified or pre-approved.

Financing Options for a Fixer-Upper

Posted: 03/01/2019
Author: Richard Simon
In today's real estate market, many first-time buyers feel like purchasing the home is out of reach for them... but not with a fixer-upper!

Can Making Bi-Weekly Payments Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

Posted: 02/22/2019
Author: Scott Roberts
Making payments every two weeks than once a month can save you significant money.

Why Home Buyers Lose Purchasing Power When Interest Rates Go Up

Posted: 02/08/2019
Author: Richard Simon
Mortgage interest rates have been at or near historic lows. But that's now changing.

What is the difference Betweeen Interest Rate and APR?

Posted: 01/28/2019
Author: Scott Roberts
When you are shopping for a home mortgage, there are some terms that you will need to become familiar with.

Is It Better To Own Or Rent In Today's Real Estate Market

Posted: 01/15/2019
Author: Richard Simon
One of the most commonly asked questions among consumers is whether it is better to own a home or rent.

Reasons to Use a Local Mortgage Lender

Posted: 12/27/2018
Author: Richard Simon
For most people, one of the most important aspects of the home purchase process is securing the financing.

How Are Mortgage Rates Determined

Posted: 12/05/2018
Author: Scott Roberts
When you are buying a home it is helpful for borrowers to know how mortgage rates are determined.

Should I Choose a 30-year or 15-year Mortgage?

Posted: 11/27/2018
Author: Richard Simon
When it comes to buying a home with a mortgage, the choice is usually between a 15-year and a 30-year mortgage. But what's the best term to choose?

Buying a home with a low credit score may seem hopeless... but it's not!

Posted: 11/01/2018
Author: Scott Roberts
Several government and private lending programs cater to borrowers with less than perfect credit, making home ownership within reach for a larger number of prospective buyers.

FHA Down Payment Assistance Program Puts more Phoenix Renters "Within Reach" of Home Ownership

Posted: 09/11/2018
Author: Richard Simon
For most Americans, owning a home is preferable to renting. This is especially true in the current Phoenix housing market.

What Credit Score Do I need to Qualify for a Mortgage?

Posted: 08/05/2018
Author: Richard Simon
An individual’s credit score is the compilation of their payment history and related information that the major credit bureaus have.

How Rising Interest Rates Affect your Ability to Buy a Home in the Phoenix Market

Posted: 07/20/2018
Author: Scott Roberts
Over the past several years, we have enjoyed historically low mortgage interest rates.

How to Buy an Investment Property with a 3.5% Down Payment

Posted: 07/12/2018
Author: Richard Simon
Perhaps you have wanted to become a real estate investor, but were perplexed about how to get started.

New First Responder Mortage Benefit Program by AZLE!

Posted: 09/12/2017
Author: Scott Roberts
First Responders, professional and volunteer alike, are the nation’s first line of defense.

3 Helpful Tips for a Clean Mortgage Approval

Posted: 07/05/2017
Author: April Nye
Purchasing a home is a big step. Don't let the load process stress you out!

Three Loan Programs That Offer 100% Financing

Posted: 06/15/2017
Author: Richard Simon
Are you wanting to purchase a home but the down payment is holding you back? What if I told you AZ Lending Experts has 3 different loan programs that offer 100% financing.

Buying a House With Student Loans Can Be Sticky

Posted: 04/19/2017
Author: Richard Simon
Did you know the most recent reports indicate that 44.2 million Americans have student debt? It is important to know your options.

3 Free Real Estate Apps That You Can't Afford Not To Use

Posted: 01/20/2017
Author: Richard Simon
If you are looking to buy a home, you're likely starting our search online. We picked out three must-have apps to help you start off right.

Six Tips That Every Home Buyer Should Know And Follow in 2017

Posted: 01/18/2017
Author: Richard Simon
2017 is upon us and the Phoenix real estate market has been projected to be the #1 real estate market in the US. Use our 6 tips to help make your new home buying process easier.

10 Tips To Sell Your Arizona Home

Posted: 04/27/2016
Author: Scott ROberts
Looking to sell your AZ home quickly and easily. Follow our simple 10 tips for a better home-selling experience.

5 Steps To Buying Your First Home

Posted: 04/13/2016
Author: Scott Roberts
It is time to find your own place. However, as a first time home buyer, it is hard to know where to start. The home buying process can be a very difficult process for the first time home buyer but our steps make it easier.

How Long Do You Have To Wait After A Short Sale?

Posted: 09/23/2015
Author: Richard Simon
If you experienced a short sale and want to get another mortgage loan, you may be wondering how long you’ll have to wait. Due to new lending guidelines it may be as short as 1 year!

Phoenix Mortgage Company – On-Time Closing Guarantee!

Posted: 09/14/2015
Author: Richard Simon
The absolute most important question to ask yourself when working with a mortgage broker or lender is, can they close on-time? This could make the difference between moving into the home of your dreams, to losing it all together.

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