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Make Sure Your Mortgage Lender Guarantees An On-Time Closing

Posted: 2015-09-14 | Author: Richard Simon

The absolute most important question to ask yourself when working with a mortgage broker or lender is, can they close on-time? This could make the difference between moving into the home of your dreams, to losing it all together. There are two major benefits from having an on-time closing guarantee paired with an offer. The first being the financial benefit to the buyer. The second being the boost it gives to your offer being accepted.

AZ Mortgage On Time Closing

Buying a home will be one of the biggest financial decisions that the majority of us will ever make. While no one wants to have their first offer denied and start the search all over again, there’s actually a lot more at stake than many are aware of. If a loan is not closed on time, the seller can add a per diem of $50 a day. They could also issue a cure notice, which causes the buyer to lose not only the house, but also their earnest money. This creates additional financial stress that many homebuyers are not prepared for. There is a way to avoid this issue all together.

AZ Lending Experts, a Phoenix Mortage Company, offers an on-time guarantee as an extra insurance for both the buyer and the seller. Yes, the seller too. If the loan doesn’t close on-time for any reason pertaining to AZ Lending Experts, they will pay the seller $750. This is especially crucial in the case of a bidding war. Having a guarantee placed in with an offer will significantly increase the chances of your offer being chosen against another offer, even if it’s higher. This lets the seller know that the offer is a legitimate offer with little-to-no risk involved, therefore making it easier to have an offer with the guarantee accepted. It also gives the buyer ease knowing that their loan will be closed on time.

Make your buying experience enjoyable without the stress, and leave the loans to us!

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