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Kristine Hutchison

Loan Processor

Phone: (480)463-4112

Kristine was born in Nuremberg, Germany (Army Brat). She lived there for 3 years before coming back to the states, eventually settling down in Huntsville, TX. Since graduating High School, Kristine has lived in Florida, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and finally settled in Arizona in 2001.

She is a mother of 4 and grandmother of 4! Her two oldest are both girls who live in Florida with their families. Her oldest son is currently in the military and serving overseas and her youngest is attending Mountain View High School in Mesa.

Kristine is a big part of our foundation here at AZ Lending Experts. She has been active in the Arizona real estate market since 2002 where she started as a real estate agent. In January of 2009 Kristine became the lead processor with Richard Simon over at Freehold Capital. When Richard and Scott started AZ Lending Experts they were ecstatic to have her join the team. She has since been running the processing department and plays an intricate role in the day to day operations.

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